Physical Review Journals Symposium and Awards

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APS Best Theoretical Paper Award

TitleMaximum Asymmetric Absorption and Scattering in Bianistotropic Particles

Authors: Sander Mann, Andrea Al├╣

Sander Mann


APS Best Experimental Paper Award

TitlePolarization-dependent Enhancement of Magnetic Dipolar Emission with Silicon Nanodimers

AuthorsMarijn Rikers, AyeshehBasiri, AleksandrVaskin, Angela Barreda, Michael Steinert, Thomas Pertsch, Isabelle Staude, DukYong-Choi

Marijn Rikers


APS Best Applied Paper Award

TitleNaked-eye Observable Animation with 3D MetasurfaceHolograms

AuthorsMasakazu Yamaguchi, Shunsuke-Takahashi, Satoshi Ikezawa, KentaroIwami

Masakazu Yamaguchi 


APS Best Poster Award

TitleFar-field Photonic Spin Texture of Thermal Radiation From a Non-isothermal Nanoantenna

AuthorsParry Chen, Sravya Rao, Yonatan Sivan, Chinmay Khandekar, ZubinJacob

Sravya Rao



Physical Review Journals Symposium

The conference organizers and the editors of Physical Review invite you to a Special Session on Tuesday, September 12 at 16:00, dedicated to a few selected works published recently in the Physical Review journals, within and beyond the traditional domain of metamaterials research.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

  • Andrey Bogdanov, "Multipolar Approach for All-Dielectric Resonators and Metasurfaces"
  • Ruwen Peng, "Generation, Distribution And Multiplex Of Multiple Polarization States Via Optical Metasurfaces: From Classical To Quantum"
  • Ben Z. Steinberg, "Rest-Frame Quasistatic Theory for Rotating Circuit Systems"


Physical Review Journals Awards

The Organizers are very proud to announce the 2023 Best Paper Awards and 2023 Best Poster Award, sponsored by APS Physics.

The Best Paper Awards have been created to recognize the scientific quality of research in three different domains (Applied/Theory/Experiments) whereas the Best Poster Award is not related to a specific domain.

All papers/posters presented at the conference, except for invited and plenary contributions, are eligible. The winners will be announced during the conference closing ceremony.

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The Organizers wish to acknowledge the financial support provided by ONRONRGARO and Army-DEVCOM.